Refund policies and other policies

…..for SMRT live course registrations

  • Your 20% deposit is non-refundable and is non-transferable
    • however, it can be used for a future class
    • there is no time limit on when you can use your deposit for a future class…
      • unless you take a space in multiple classes and continue to drop out,
        in which case your deposit will become an administration fee
    • your deposit may also be used for DVD’s
    • If you have paid more than your deposit, the amount above your deposit will be refunded

  •  …you choose to leave it on account
  •  …you drop out of a live class within 72 hours of the class beginning
  •  …you drop out of a live class during the class
  •  …for #2 and #3, no refund will be given, but you can transfer your tuition payment to another class
  • your deposit will not be refunded even if you find someone to take your space in class…
    • please do not try to get another student to pay you for your space in class…
    • we will not honor any agreement we do not make…
    • your deposit and registration is non-transferable

…..for video purchases:

  • All video purchases are non-refundable

…..for book purchases:

  • Books may be returned within 30 days of purchase if they are not written in and are in no way damaged. Purchaser will need to pay for return shipping.

…..for obtaining CE credits:

  • We understand that many of you take classes to obtain CE credit to keep your license. We do what we need to for you to be able to get your needed CE credits. For example, we show up to class prepared, we send out certificates in a timely manner, we remake certificates if you have lost them, we maintain our approvals, we do our best to work with your particular needs in class…..but, you will have to work with us as well. Here is a list of some of the things we need from you in order to provide you with CE credits:be on time, stay until class is over, do not ask to leave several hours early you will not be given CE credit if you do not attend the full class (this means that knowing you will be 2 hours late and just not telling anyone, or attending 8 hours of a 12 hour class, or needing to leave 3 hours early 1 day for work, leaves us unable to provide you with CE credit for the class.)
  • Here is a list of some of the things we need from you in order to provide you with CE credits:
    • be on time
    • stay until class is over, do not ask to leave several hours early
    • participate in class, which means you
      •        …..need to put your phone away
      •        …..you have to work on your partner(s)
      •        …..you have to work on the area of the body we are teaching in class
      •        …..you have to get worked on
    • provide us with your current information

Please remember that while you have paid us to teach you and provide your CE credits, all other students in your class have done the same. This means that we will be unable to provide you with someone to coach you and only you through every move.

If you have come to, for example, a neck & head class in hopes of getting your hip fixed, you are in the wrong place. The other students have paid to learn the neck & head. I could give you many examples, but you get the gist, other people have also paid to be taught and get CE credits.

We ask that you do your best to be a good student and we will do our best for you.