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Self Care for Massage Therapists DVD

The Self Care for Massage Therapists DVD is designed for massage therapists, but is helpful to all people whose jobs require quite a bit of physical activity.  This video covers massage for you, foam rolling active yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. The sections range from 10 to 45 minutes.  They are as follows:

Massage for you:  Dawn Lewis leads you through a series of massage moves you can do on yourself.  Focus is given to the hand, arm, and shoulder, but attention is given to the whole body.  Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) are used to help you alleviate pain and enhance mobility.  Equipment needed:  you will need your own hands and elbows, as well as a light resistance band and a rolled up towel.  Length: 45 minutes.

Foam roller stretching:  Patti Schuneman leads you through a set of stretches on a foam roller.  This section begins with moves to unlock your quads, ITB, hamstrings, and feet using the foam roller.  Then fluidly moves into releases for the hips and lower back before ending with the shoulders and arms.  Equipment needed: 1/2 foam roller and full foam roller.  Length: 22 minutes.

Active yoga:  Rhonda Williams is the instructor of this amazing active yoga series for the full body.  Beginning with a sun salutation and moving to a fantastic lunge series before ending with an amazing floor series for the arms.  Equipment needed: yoga mat.  Length: 35 minutes.

Working with a strap:  In this section Patti uses a fixed strap to facilitate stretches for the entire body.  This is an athletic stretch sequence that will prepare you for any physical work the day may hold.  Equipment needed: yoga strap or fixed band (i.e., not a stretchy band).  Length: 25 minutes.

Restorative yoga:  The best way to begin or end your day, Rhonda’s restorative yoga sequence is all done on the floor.  It is designed to open your muscles and fascia, while calming your mind and refocusing your energy.  Equipment needed: yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga strap, bolster or rolled up blanket/towel.  Length: 40 minutes.

Meditation:  A guided meditation led by Dawn to help you let go of any energy that does not belong to you.  Equipment needed: none.  Length:  10 minutes.

Produced by Full Circle School, Inc.
Copyrighted 9/14

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