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  • Ready for Warm Weather & New Massage Techniques?

    Can’t wait to go to Winter Park, FL the beginning of April!  It is so cold here in Colorado, I am looking forward to teaching this course on how to do use the spontaneous muscle release technique on hips, abdomen and lower back just for a change in weather!

    We had such amazing things happen in the last hip, lower back, and abdomen course though, that I am also really looking forward to the fantastic things that will happen in class in FL.  One of the reasons to take CE’s is just to get worked on, to be reminded of why we do what we do, and to get the work that our bodies crave.  Some massage therapists get regular massage, but most do not.  We are busy taking care of others and neglect us.  But attending  a CE class has the advantage of letting us know why we became massage therapists in the first place, and, hopefully, of fixing some of our own issues.

    Personally, I had been having sacral pain for over a year.  I finally had some SMRT work done on myself, and the pain has lessened significantly.  Hope to see you in Winter Park!  https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/