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  • Reasons to go to Florida for SMRT Training

    Here are the reasons you’ll want to take the NCBTMB-approved continuing education course SMRT:  Hips, Lower Back, & Abdomen in Winter Park, FL from April 4 – 6:

    1. To gain a complete understanding of the pelvic girdle
    2. To release the ligaments of the pubic symphysis
    3. To help the coccyx realign
    4. To quickly unlock tension in sacral tissues
    5. To lower the tone in piriformis in a fast and lasting fashion
    6. To release obturator externus (you know, the muscle causing all the deep hip tension that you cannot get to!)
    7. To get effectively worked on yourself
    8. And, as Laurie said,

    “The class was well paced; the content was well organized; the instructor gave the foundational anatomical information before doing the bodywork so that the students had a greater understanding of what we are affecting; we had plenty of time on the table to gain hands-on experience; lectures were accompanied with stories that demonstrate how much change can occur.  I absolutely loved this class!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about it.  And best of all, everything I learned is something I can apply immediately.” ~Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class

    Can’t wait to see you!  Register at https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/