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  • Releasing Tight Hips

    I had an interesting incident at my chiropractor’s office this week. My chiropractor likes to use electrostimulation before each adjustment.

    While I was prone on a table with my head turned to the side and electrostim pads on my mid and lower back, the man on the other table, who had had the pads on his hip, got up and walked to the restroom.

    I remarked to the receptionist that he had a shortened psoas.

    “A short what?” She asked.

    “It’s the main hip flexor muscle. His left side is short and imbalancing his hips.” I said. Then I apologized for mentioning it.

    “No,” she said, “tell me more, that’s my husband.”

    “Oh, well then maybe I can just fix it before he gets his adjustment.” I said.

    “That would be great.” She said.

    So, we put him back on the table in a supine position. I did 2 moves on each iliopsoas muscle. It all took about 2 minutes, and he went in to be adjusted. The chiropractor later told me he had adjusted better than he ever had.

    The next day, this man emailed me and asked if he could get an appointment with me. Although he had been getting consistent massage for years, he informed me that his hip had not felt this good in a decade and he felt it was “a miracle”.

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