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  • Releasing Tight Thighs

    A couple of weeks ago we worked the AMTA convention. Conventions are interesting for me. I do free 15-minute sessions (which means I have about 13 minutes to effect change) to show people what SMRT is.

    In Florida a few months ago I worked on a woman with a prosthetic leg. Her right leg was amputated below the knee when she was 6, she is now 38 now. Her complaint was that her left thigh hurt all the time and felt restricted. She is an MT and was working a booth at the FSMTA convention. I worked on her left thigh, specifically her adductors close to the pubic symphysis, as well as her anterior hips for 13 minutes. She left happy.

    I saw her again two weeks ago at the AMTA convention, again she was working a booth. She signed up for another free session, and when she came she told me that the SMRT treatment I had done in Florida for 13 minutes taken away her pain and restriction for almost 2 months. With SMRT we are able to release the adductor origins without cross fiber on the pubic bone. The releases are painless and fast, and at times it feels like we have not done much, but by working with all the structures in any given area SMRT is able to create a highly effective lasting treatment.

    When I finished working on her in Denver, she moved her hips back and forth and smiled broadly. Imagine what we could do in an hour, I said to her. Please join us for our final thigh and knee course of 2014 in Tampa, FL in December. To register or for more information, please go to https://efullcircle.com/spontaneous-muscle-release-technique-thighs-knees/