• Relief without Pain

    Relief Without Pain

    Imagine a world in which you, as a massage therapist, could change the tone of piriformis or psoas without using pressure or causing pain to the client, in a way that creates tonal balance from right to left and lasts. That is world of SMRT.

    A couple of years ago I met a woman at a party who had severe lower back pain. She had been getting regular massage, been to physical therapy 3 times, and seen numerous doctors. The doctors had recently recommended surgery. I asked what the surgery would be for. She said she didn’t know, but they had tried shots and PT and nothing worked. I asked if I could assess her.

    3 Moves Is All It Took!

    At the party, while she was standing, I felt her lower abdomen and then put my fingers into the tissue of her posterior hip. Her left side was overly tight in both areas. I asked her if she could lay down. She laid down on the floor (people looked at us like we were crazy). I did 3 SMRT moves and worked on her for all of 5 minutes. When she got up her pain was reduced enough that she did not need help to get up. She later told me that that night she had slept through the night without assistance for the first time in years.

    She was recounting this story to me this week while telling me of the 15th or 20th person she was referring to me. This person told her that he had already had massage and it did not work for his pain. She told him her story. He had already called and scheduled an appointment. She told him, “it’s not like other massage, it’s different, if you go, I am convinced she can help you.”

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