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  • Need to Restore Bladder Function After Surgery Widespread

    I just got another email from a woman whose father had surgery, sinus surgery in this case, and has been on a catheter, unable to urinate on his own, for a year.  People have had fantastic success with the self help video on our website on how to restore bladder function after surgery.  The work is so easy, they can do it on each other, but they prefer real therapists do the work.

    This means we need to teach it to more people.  I never realized how widespread this problem was.  We get emails from all over the world from people who are desperate for help.  The ones who try the SMRT work have great results, but some have no one who can do the work for them or their people do not feel they could do the work.

    This week alone I have gotten 3 emails on this issue.  I sent one to a student in NC, one to a student in AZ, and the other is the woman mentioned above, who is in WV.  I will have to do my best to coach her through email and hope she is willing to do the work on her father herself.

    This is only one of the amazing things that will be taught in the SMRT: Hips, Lower Back, & Abdomen course in Winter Park, FL on April 4-6, 2014.  https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/