• Ribcage

    In late April, in Rochester, MN, the best class day we had was day two. The day we did the ribcage.

    Everyone understood what we were doing with SMRT. We had less anatomy than on day one. We were not exhausted from being in class for many days.

    But what really happened was that everyone in class, whether they were in to evidence based work or energy work; they did strictly therapeutic work or wanted to work SMRT into their full body massage; they had 2 years experience or 25 years experience; or they had taken scores of CE courses or this was their first felt the release in their ribcages.

    They felt what they had accomplished with their partners, but they also felt it in themselves. Their backs felt better. Their hips felt more aligned. Their neck pain eased. The next morning – day 3 – more than half the class reported that they had slept amazingly well. The power of being able to take a full breath!

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