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  • Rolfing and SMRT

    Today I had a rolfing session.

    My ribcage was compressed and immobile on the lower right and my right middle trap and supraspinatus were, as my rolfer said, “like bricks, totally unyielding.” I said, yeah, it’s my first ribs, they are out of whack (whack being a technical term).

    She asked if we could do some Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, SMRT, to loosen the muscles up and make her job easier. I was game. I guided her through 2 SMRT moves to mobilize and rebalance the first ribs. These moves took about 2 minutes to do and significantly softened middle traps and supraspinatus, as well as allowing the scapula to move more freely. “That was magnificent. Loosened everything up. Now I can get into the tissue easily.”

    Full Circle will be teaching these first rib releases, along with the entire ribcage, shoulder, axilla, and upper back in Chapel Hill, NC, September 5-7, 2014. Register now at https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/