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    Scar Treatment

    Last weekend I taught an advanced SMRT shoulder class in Raleigh, NC. In the advanced SMRT classes we have people come in to get worked on at the end of class. One of the women who came in for a keloid scar treatment. It ran down the center of her chest from open heart surgery when she was 3 years old to fix a heart valve issue. She is now around 35.

    When she arrived in class, I could tell that she was taller than me, but when she was done and standing at full height, I knew that she was really taller than me. It was wonderful to see her SMRT therapist do scar work on her chest with SMRT. She was smiling broadly when she stood up from the table and talking about how open her chest felt and how much better she could breathe.

    I remarked on how tall she was and another of the SMRT therapists said, “oh yeah, I hadn’t noticed that before.” She said it was kind of amazing that such gentle, painless work could give her such intense results. Her scar was noticeably flatter, she was happy, and her SMRT therapist was thrilled at the result.

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