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  • Self Care for Massage Therapists

    Patti, Rhonda, and I have finished our shoot for Full Circle’s self-care video for massage therapists.

    This video will be approximately 3 hours in length and have 6 sections.

    Beginning with bodywork you can do on yourself, including Muscle Energy Techniques and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique; then moving to an almost 30 minute foam roller segment with fantastic moves for the entire body; next a yoga session focused on counteracting all of our not so great body mechanics; after that almost 30 minutes of full body stretches with a band; followed by yin yoga, a type of yoga designed to unlock fascia; and finally a 15 minute guided meditation that will help you let go of any held energy from clients.

    On DVD, this video should be ready for distribution November 1, 2014. Regular price will be $40.

    Pre-order from now until October 15, 2014 for only $28.