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    Implant Work

    I just got back from teaching an SMRT shoulder girdle class in Fargo where a really cool thing happened. We had a woman in class, maybe late 50’s who went through breast cancer treatments about 5 years ago. She had a unilateral mastectomy on the left, 7 nodes removed, chemo, and radiation. Then she had implants put in on both sides.
    The implants have never been right. When her partners began to work on her (the first being the friend and fellow therapist she brought with her), the right was higher than the left and the left pectoral muscles were inhibited and flat. The first day with the shoulder, chest, and axilla work the muscles had more tone. I did a little breast pocket work around the implant to add to what was already done.

    It’s Warm!

    The second day we did ribs. On Sunday morning, she said this to me, “last night I just kept petting my chest on the left. Vicki was looking at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care, I just kept touching it. It was really warm and had some…some…ridges to it. For 5 years, ever since they put the implant in, the left side has been ice cold, for 5 years no matter what it has been ice cold, and now it is so warm!” I almost cried!

    The full live SMRT class schedule is posted here.