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    The first video we are doing is about the shoulders.  The advantage, I think, about having all of this information on video is that you will pick up what you are ready for each time you watch the video.  Unlike watching one demonstration in a class while taking written notes, the video allows you to see the demonstration again and again.  For those of you who are not therapists and want to learn about your own pain or that of a loved one, video format will provide you with all the time you need to absorb this information.

    The demonstrations on this first video will be the lateral shoulder, the axilla, the upper back, and the ribcage.  In layman’s terms, we will be working on the outer shoulder, the underarm, the upper back, and the chest.  There will be SMRT demonstrations for all these areas, plus a segment that combines a different type of work with self-care, and a yoga segment.

    SMRT is wonderful work.  In part, this is because we are working on all the structures in any given area.  Unlike chiropractic which focuses on realignment of joints, or physical therapy which focuses on increasing range of motion through exercise, ultrasound therapy, and/or electrostim, or most massage therapy, which focuses only on muscles, SMRT allows for the treatment of all structures.  With SMRT we will be able to release the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, and bones.  This will naturally take excess tone in the muscles down, increase range of motion, realign joints, and create balance in the area.

    Additionally, SMRT releases stuck or stagnant energy, so in some ways it is like receiving an acupuncture treatment along with everything else.  But, the most amazing thing about an SMRT treatment is the effect it has on the lymphatic system.  I have had clients come to me with ankles swollen to twice their size, and been able to visibly watch as the swelling disappeared through the hour of SMRT treatment.  Clients who have recently had shoulder surgery, and have quite a bit of swelling hanging around, have literally seen the swelling dissipate through the treatment allowing them to sleep better and heal faster.  These are only two examples from literally hundreds.

    I chose to do the shoulder video first because I find that many therapists do not know what to do for shoulder pain and can only relieve it so much before hitting a wall.  Also, I chose this video first because shoulder pain is so prevalent in our world.  I hope the knowledge in this video helps you as much as it has me.




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