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  • SMRT: Arm & Hand course in Austin

    I just returned from teaching two Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) courses in Austin, TX.  One of the things I have found myself saying this year while teaching is that SMRT addresses all the structures in whatever area we are working in.

    During the SMRT:  Arm & Hand class I traded with one of the students because we were uneven.  I had started the demo talking about releasing the ligaments in the humeroradial and humeroulnar joints to mobilize all three bones and create space in the elbow.  Working with the muscle-bone relationship would provide the easiest, quickest, change in the muscle tissue.  Then, while working on the girl I was trading with, I experienced that very problem.  Her right ulna was immobile because the muscles attaching to the ulna were hypertonic.  One by one, I released abductor pollicis longus, extensor pollicis longus, and extensor indicis.  With each release the movement of the ulna increased, which of course allowed movement at the humeroulnar joint and the olecranon process, which of course relaxed the triceps muscle and allowed for more mobility in the shoulder joint.

    This was the last class I had scheduled to teach this year.  It is always fabulous when the universe provides me with an example of what I am trying to teach.  Although I was exhausted from teaching continuing education to massage therapists all year, this renewed my passion.  Looking forward to next year!!  Check our website, www.efullcircle.com for tuition specials!!