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  • SMRT for Everyday Aches and Pains


    In the day-to-day process of living in our bodies, we all experience various “everyday aches and pains”.  Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) is very effective in helping people experience quick relief.

    In the past 2 days I have worked on 3 of my family members.

    My husband, who was having an issue with his left foot.

    The pain had him noticeably limping. It turned out to that the distal end of the second and third metatarsal had moved toward the plantar surface of his foot and become immobile.

    Each step was putting pressure on the second and third metatarsophalangeal joints and causing him quite a bit of pain.

    This only took 5 minutes to correct with SMRT, but I worked on his foot and ankle for about 20 minutes.

    My son-in-law, who is training for a hockey tryout, had pain in his left elbow. But, alas, it was not his elbow at all, but serratus anterior, which was inflamed and facilitated.

    Serratus anterior had pulled the scapula into adduction and this had tighened his left tricep, which had immobilized the ulna.

    This took 20 minutes to correct – a little rib work, a couple of serratus anterior releases, a move to mobilize the ulna, and a few releases for the tricep.

    Finally, I worked on my daughter whose sacroiliac joint was in pain due to a misalignment.

    This was actually a twist in her femur heads and a shift of her coccyx. 10 minutes after we started she had almost no pain, but I went ahead and worked all of her posterior hip muscles, just for good measure.

    SMRT allows quick, comprehensive treatments that last.

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