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    LMT Referral

    I had a crazy busy week that saw me doing a lot of forearm work. One of the best sessions was a followup session on a fellow massage therapist who came in two weeks ago with left forearm and elbow pain coupled with a loss of grip strength. Apparently this has happened to her in the past and resulted in long periods of time where she could not work. Each time she was afraid it would end her massage career because it took so long to recover from. She was referred to me by another massage therapist for an SMRT treatment.

    SMRT Seriously Works!

    When she arrived this week, I asked how her arm was feeling after our last session. She said this, “it is truly miraculous. I have been through this so many times and was so skeptical that anything could ever work. When I left, I could feel that my whole arm had changed and the pain in my forearm and elbow was almost gone. Then I got sore for about a day. Since that ended I have had no pain, and I have fantastic grip strength! No pain while working, and I’m back to full capacity. Seriously it is like it never happened. I am so grateful to know what works finally! It has made a huge difference in my mental state too, I’m not depressed by it and afraid of what will happen.”

    Fantastic. I started my massage career because of arm pain that 7 doctors were unable to diagnose, my mother (who was a massage therapist) couldn’t crack, and 4 PT’s were stumped by. That pain ended the career I had at the time. Years later when the pain reoccurred, I fixed it myself in 5 minutes with SMRT. So incredibly happy that I could help this fellow therapist. Massage on!!

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