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    SMRT Headache Relief

    One of my clients this week was suffering with an intense headache that had begun almost 10 days before she came to see me. She had tried numerous things for relief, but did not get any relief. In the assessment I felt decreased mobility throughout her c-spine, tension in the suboccipital muscles, her mandible was shifted left, and her hyoid was shifted to the right.

    Using SMRT, I worked the front of her neck, focusing on longus capitis, and the suprahyoid muscles (mylohyoid, geniohyoid, the glossus muscles), her cervical ligaments, and the lambdoid and occipitomastoid sutures. Working the anterior neck and spinal mobility decreased the tone and tenderness of her suboccipital muscles.

    Still No Pain!

    Her pain eased by 70%. I spent the final 15 minutes focused on her mandible and head. When she got up from the table, she reported no pain. She texted me a few minutes ago and 3 days later, she still has no pain. She is ecstatic! Even though early registration has closed, be sure to register for SMRT: head & neck and SMRT: arm & hand in Rochester, NY from July 13-15, 2018 here!