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  • SMRT Can Help Chronic Pain

    While at the AMTA convention, we did free 15 minute SMRT sessions at our booth to promote the technique, videos, and classes. I spent quite a bit of time working on lower extremities while there.

    One of the therapists I worked on (who also happened to be a CE instructor) had a chronic hip problem. She showed me that she could not externally or laterally rotate her right hip. As she demonstrated I could tell that her external rotation was at 10 to 15 degrees. She laid supine on the table. I had 10 minutes.

    SMRT in Action

    Using SMRT, I began by working with the position of her femur in iliofemoral joint. Her femur was in medial rotation and sitting anterior. Working directly with the connective tissue in the thigh, she had increased range of motion in about 2 minutes. Next, I could feel that she had an adhesion between semitendinosis and semimembranosis and adductor magnus. She told me how tender the area was. One SMRT position later and she had almost no tenderness. The mobility of the muscles had increased and the adhesion had dissipated.

    I believed that this adhesion signaled an alignment issue between the ischial tuberosity and the knee. I checked both and found that yes, this was the case. I worked with the tendons of both the hamstring muscles and adductor magnus at the medial aspect of the ischial tuberosity and the medial patella retinaculum of the knee at the same time. This took about 1 minute. We had 3 minutes left.

    SMRT Helps Chronic Pain

    I decided to check tension in her gastroc and soleus and found that the medial aspect of both muscles was very tight. Two SMRT positions later and we were done. She stood up from the table and rotated her thigh laterally at her hip. The rotation was at about 45 degrees, a significant increase. She was amazed and thrilled and shocked and in mild disbelief as she did the rotation again and again.

    “I have no pain.” She said. “Wow, that was totally amazing, so do you think I could teach with you?” “You have to take a class first.” I said with a smile. The next day, she came by to tell me that she still had no pain and to show me that her thigh was still externally rotating to about 45 degrees.

    Learn SMRT Today

    Our SMRT Lower Extremity courses will help you to treat issues like the one described above, as well as knee pain, lower back pain caused by tight lower legs (or tight adductors or tight quads), gastroc and soleus cramping, plantar fasciitis, full knee replacements, ankle tension, PTTD, and many more diagnoses.

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