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    During our SMRT: hips, lower back, & abdomen in Raleigh, NC several things happened. We had a moment in class where we were assessing the alignment of the pubic symphysis on one particular student and we found that her left pubic bone was twisted. We did a specific SMRT position to release the muscles and connective tissue attaching to her left pubic bone. A few seconds into holding this position she and her partner felt the tissue release and her left hip shift. Minutes later, when she stood up, she did a little dance and exclaimed that her hips moved, and since it happened to be her birthday, she could think of no better present!

    A Real MD

    We also had an older gentleman in class who happened to be an MD. He walked with a walker. On Sunday he explained his physical pattern to me. He said that being bent forward in the walker allowed his hips to move into an anterior pelvic tilt, moving his pubic symphysis posterior and causing tension in his iliopsoas and abdominal muscles. Saturday we had talked about the delicate balance of the iliopsoas muscles and how to safely and effectively release these muscles then we had done a full SMRT abdominal sequence. He expressed to me on Sunday how much relieve he had gotten from the work and how amazing he found it because we were “moving so little” and he felt such a tremendous shift.

    That’s what SMRT can do!

    Finally we had a woman in class who had severe pain in her sacrum. She was working with the Dr. when they called me over. I found that her thoracolumbar fascia was stuck and knotted, for lack of better terms. The trade was ending so I took a few minutes to work on her. I placed my fingers gently on her posterior sacrum and used SMRT to work those specific fibers of the thoracolumbar fascia. Other people were asking me questions, the doc was watching me, I talking and working when she suddenly said, “why does all my pain go away the moment you touch it.” That is what SMRT can do, I thought.

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