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  • Can SMRT on the Hips Help the Neck?

    I recently worked on a client who has chronic neck pain. We were focused on her legs. She broke her left tibial plateau a few years ago and the hardware was giving her grief, plus she had hurt her right foot about a month ago and it still had residual tension.

    How the Body Connects

    At the end of the session, with only 10 minutes left, I went to focus on her neck pain, but this time I did not go to her neck. While working on her right lower leg and foot, I had noticed that her right hip had limited ROM. While she lay supine, I reached under her and began to work her right QL by assessing her hip bone pattern and moving the hip bone to relieve the tension in QL. 30 seconds later, her right QL was softer, but her gluteus medius and minimus had tightened.

    I used SMRT to work with the tension in her gluteal muscles. When I rechecked the ROM in hip, it was still limited. I checked the anterior hip and found that the inguinal ligament was taut, non-moving, and adhered to the tissues running deep to it. It took only a minute to loosen those tissues and the inguinal ligament. Her hip shifted toward the table and when I rechecked ROM of the hip, it moved freely.

    Assessing How SMRT Helped

    I then went to her neck, an area I work every couple of weeks, and found that it was softer than usual. The 5 minutes I had left was plenty of time to decrease the tension in scalene and suboccipital muscles. After getting dressed, she reported no pain and an overall feeling of “fabulous” in her whole body.

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