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SMRT Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Release

In this 3-day, 24 CE class, Dawn Lewis will be teaching you about the lymphatic system, including lymphatic drainage techniques, and how to use SMRT to decrease fluid from inflammation or fluid built up in interstitial tissue.  On the final day, we will use SMRT positioning to work with scar tissue.


The class will begin with instruction in the physiology of the lymphatic system and transition into lymphatic drainage massage techniques coupled with SMRT positions designed to stimulate lymphatic flow.  Instruction will include how to use SMRT positioning around metal plates and screws to increase skin glide and enhance lymphatic flow.


On the final day of class, we will explore how SMRT positioning effects scar tissue.  After a brief discussion of what scar tissue is, we will be working with scars in numerous areas of the body to increase tissue mobility, which will also increase joint ROM, and decrease pain caused by adhesive scar tissue.