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  • SMRT – Making a Difference

    Here are some more examples of how SMRT is making a difference in people’s lives.

    Today I worked on an acupuncturist client who came in with hip pain. Her hips were shifted to the right. I assessed further up and down her body and found that her rib cage was sheering between her 7th and 8th ribs. Her lower rib cage, from the 8th rib down, was moving right, while her upper ribs, from the 7th rib up, were moving to the left. I spent 10 minutes doing SMRT on her rib cage and her upper and lower rib cage moved the equally in both directions, and her hips were no longer shifted to the right.

    Last week, I was working on a client complaining of neck pain. I asked her to lay prone for the last 20 minutes of the session. I found that her supraspinatus muscles were very, very, very, very tight. She was so tender in this area that I was hardly able to touch her. I spent 3 minutes doing 2 moves on each of her supraspinatus muscles. Not only did her tenderness disappear, the tension in the muscles was gone. She then said that her neck pain had finally “let go.”

    We just had the most amazing time teaching this SMRT course in Tucson at the Osteopathic Medical Foundation to 25 students. We had 3 woman with abdominal adhesions that were negatively impacting their quality of life. Another woman who was born without L4 and L5, and had a portion of her hip bone removed to build the vertebrae. A man with constant pain in the iliofemoral joint, and a woman with what she described as “debilitating low back pain”.

    Several of these students were completely pain free at the end of class, and a few felt that the class and SMRT work had given them their lives back. One of the woman said this to me as she was saying goodbye, “I was completely skeptical of this when I came here, but you have changed my life. I have been in pain for a decade and for the first time I am almost pain free. I know now what I can do for my clients!”