• SMRT Massage-a-thon

    Patti, Rhonda, and I just got back from our yearly SMRT massage-a-thon, which is a once a year trip for only the 3 of us to work on each other. We do hour and a half tandems on each other each day for 4 days straight. It was fabulous!! Here are some of the wonderful things that happened:

    Patti had fallen while walking about 2 months before we got together. When we first saw her, the bridge of her nose was flattened and one eye was sunken with a dark circle underneath. Apparently she had also been having eczema around that eye. She was lethargic and un-Patti-like. I did a combination of Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique and CST on her twice. After the second time, the color returned to her face, her eyes were even, the bridge of her nose looked normal, she had energy, and she sounded like Patti again.

    Rhonda was having an upset stomach every time she ate. She would eat a small amount and feel the need to throw up for the next hour or so. She asked me to work on her head and neck. Her head and neck were in a flexed position (i.e. chin toward chest) when we began. Patti and I noticed that with each SMRT muscle release her chin would lift and her head would return to a more normal position, at least momentarily. After a minute or so, her head would appear to be pulled toward her chest. I could feel that her esophagus was adhered and did my best in the front of her neck to release it with limited results. The next day Patti and I worked together, me on her anterior neck and Patti in her upper abdomen, using SMRT principles to unwind her esophagus. We were all amazed that from that moment on she no longer felt sick after eating – and her head stayed in a neutral position.

    I came in with a systemic compensation pattern, as well as intense pain in my right knee, sacrum, and right shoulder. Many parts of my body were involved. There was a moment on the second day when Patti took my left tibia and moved it into the most amazing position, while at the same time Rhonda took my pelvic girdle and moved that into the perfect position with one hand and moved my right femur into lateral rotation with the other hand. I melted into the table. Both of my legs felt like they were instantly longer. When I got off the table I did not know how to walk. Muscles that had not been used for a while were suddenly turned on and needed retraining. My pain has been gone since that day over a week ago.

    After all this, the 3 of us taught a fantastic lower extremity course for 3 days in Tucson. SMRT is a positional release modality that I would love to teach you to utilize to achieve amazing treatment sessions. For more information and Full Circle’s class schedule, please go to https://efullcircle.com/