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    One of my teaching assistants, Patti, does massage in 3 different states. She lives in Colorado part of the year, Arizona for part of the year, and travels to Montana several times a year to see family. Each place she goes, she has clients. Those clients travel to different states throughout the year. They routinely ask her if she knows anyone who does SMRT where they are going.

    Today I received an email from Linda, a student who has taken SMRT for most of the upper body. Her email said, “Thank you for offering to list practitioners of SMRT on your website.  This weekend I had someone find me through the listing at eFullcircle.com.  She was very excited that someone from New Hampshire offered this technique.”

    If you would like to find an SMRT therapist to experience the work, please go to https://efullcircle.com/find-a-therapist/

    If you are a student of ours and would like to get listed on our website, please go to https://efullcircle.com/smrt-therapist-signup/