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  • SMRT Provides Fast Relief for Muscle Soreness


    Last week I was finally able to take a minute and get a massage myself.

    I went to Veronica, the woman I have written of before who works for the spa and has not yet taken any Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique workshops.

    I booked a full body massage, but my feet were killing me, so we spent 60 of our 80 minutes on my feet and lower legs. My right foot and lower leg in particular was like a block of wood – tense, swollen, and irritated by every step.

    I began to coach Veronica in SMRT moves to loosen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in my feet.

    Instantly in the first 30 second hold, the irritation and pain began to ease — demonstrating once again that SMRT provides fast relief for muscle soreness.

    After several SMRT positions combined with Swedish on my foot, we moved to the ankle.

    I had Veronica move my foot into dorsiflexion and apply specific compression to release the tendons on the anterior aspect of my ankle.

    Within my body, numerous things were happening. I could feel the tibia realigning, as well as space being created in the ankle and an intense easing of the pressure in my lower leg.

    When she released the position, Veronica’s voice full of wonder said, “Amazing, really just amazing, I can see that the swelling has gone way down! Totally wonderful!”

    It was totally wonderful from my perspective as well because I was going to be able to walk again without pain.

    All of this happened in the first 10 minutes of the treatment, but the releases helped temporarily straighten out my gait, and I left ecstatic and looking forward to returning.

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