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    SMRT Shoulder Movements

    This morning I had a client come in with shoulder pain. It had developed about a week ago, she said, while sitting at work doing nothing. The following day it was worse so she went to the chiropractor, which helped a little, and now it had moved into her upper back.
    I began with her on her back in a supine position and started assessing her shoulder position and passive ROM.

    I could feel as I moved her shoulder one area of restriction. It felt like the shoulder “caught” as the scapula moved from superior to inferior. I reached into her axilla, found tension between the second digitation of serratus anterior and subscapularis. It felt like the scapula was pulled anterior at the lateral second rib.

    Works in Seconds!

    I moved the scapula anterior where it felt like it was already shifted anterior and moved the second rib posterior and superior, the position I found it to be stuck in. I held this SMRT position. About 20 seconds into me holding it, we both suddenly heard a noise, like a suction cup coming peeling off glass. At the same moment, her scapula shifted toward the table and her rib suddenly lifted anterior.

    “Did you feel that?” She said, eyes wide, looking shocked. “I did.” I said and asked how it felt. She moved her shoulder around in a circle. “Absolutely no pain.” I passively moved her shoulder around in a circle and found no catch. I said, “okay, we have 55 minutes, what else should we work on?” We both laughed.

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