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    17 Years of Pain!

    I just finished teaching our SMRT head & neck, arm & hand block. We had a couple of interesting things come up for the therapists/students in class. One woman came to class in severe pain that apparently began after the birth of her youngest child…..17 years ago!….and has not let up since. She has seen multiple doctors, PT’s, MT’s, etc and has a variety of treatments including injections, all without much change or success.

    Her inability to move without pain kicked me into therapist mode and, when appropriate for the class and with permission, I began to work on her. She explained that most treatments sent her into severe spasms that could last weeks, so she was scared. But SMRT is different. I worked on her thighs for 8 minutes as her partner worked on her arm. She told me 1/2 an hour later that she walked to the bathroom without pain for the first time in as ling as she remembered. She did not remain pain free, she needs more lower extremity work, but she did stop using a wedge under her hip each time she laid down and she got up easier for the rest of class.

    Ankle Pain

    Another therapist/student was laying on the table at one point and I looked at his feet, both of which were extremely dorsiflexed, but the right had very little movement toward plantar flexion (I know because I could not help but put my hands on his feet). I asked him if he was having issues with his ankles, he said yes, they hurt like hell, particularly the right one.
    We had another therapist/student in class who had taken SMRT lower extremities a few months ago. Over lunch on Saturday they stayed and did an SMRT session on his feet and ankles. I asked him on Sunday after class how his ankles felt. “So much better. I thought they would just go right back because they usually do, but they still feel like they did after the work, so I am hopeful.” Wonderful.

    I would love to teach you SMRT for the lower extremities in Omaha, NE from May 18-20, 2018. Please register now.