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    I just had a very nice conversation with a therapist who purchased a full body set of SMRT video courses from Full Circle. I asked her to call me because when she took the test for the CE credit for our SMRT: shoulder, axilla, ribcage, & upper back course, I realized that the test had not been adjusted for the lower CE count placed on the video last year. This video course used to be worth 24 CE’s (which is a 120 question test). This year it went down to 8 CE’s (which is a 40 question test). She took the 120 question test – twice.

    I felt terrible. When she called, I began by telling her what the issue was. I wanted to compensate her in some way for the time. She laughed and said, “no, no, it is completely fine. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the work. I work in a chiropractor’s office and I have been using SMRT on everyone. It really is amazing. Taking the test was actually fun for me.” She went on to say,”. “I wanted to take your class when you were in Illinois last year, but I had foot surgery and couldn’t, so I decided to buy the set on video. The videos are great and the work is so great, I wish I had found you years ago.”.

    SMRT Helps!

    I asked where she lived in Illinois (just outside of Chicago) and told her I would be teaching in Palatine in June. I asked if she might be interested in taking that class, told her the dates and that the class was SMRT: hips, lower back, & abdomen. She said she would and that she needed more CE’s. I insisted that if she took the class, she let me give her a $100 tuition credit. She agreed, and told me to please register her.

    Before we hung up, she said, “I want to tell you again how much I am enjoying this work, and my clients love it. The people I work with are all killing themselves using their elbows on people. I’m getting better results and working so much less. I’m really excited to learn more.”. My daughter and granddaughter were in the car with me during the conversation, which was on my Bluetooth. When I hung up the phone, my daughter said, “how wonderful is it that you can help someone like that, it’s really awesome.”. It was a nice moment.

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