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  • Can SMRT Work in Just 15 Minutes?

    I recently did several 15 minute sessions at the AMTA Convention. One of the sessions that stood out to me was a man who asked specifically for subscap work. He had been struggling with shoulder pain and tension during movement in his left shoulder for a few years. He said, “I still have full range of motion, but it is difficult and it hurts when I move it.”

    I had 12 minutes through clothes using only SMRT to help his shoulder. It only took 5 minutes to significantly increase his freedom of movement. I specifically used an SMRT move to open space between subscapularis and serratus anterior.

    SMRT Works Fast

    This is a two-handed move that I will teach in my SMRT: shoulder, axilla, ribcage, & upper back class. It took only 30 seconds, caused very little discomfort to him, and was easy for me to do. His scapula eased posterior and the tenderness in his serratus anterior was almost gone.

    At the end of our short session, we agreed that he needed more work, but, he said, his shoulder was significantly improved. His posture was visibly improved, his pain was reduced to a 1, and his movement was unimpeded.

    Want to Learn the SMRT Technique I Used?

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