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  • SMRT Works on Lower Extremities

    I met a therapist in a class last year who, at only 26 years old, was bent at the hip. I attempted to help her with body mechanics, and she explained that it had been 2 years since she had stood up straight. She had given up on getting rid of the lower back pain that plagued her after having many different treatments without success. I mentioned to her that the issue could be shortened calf muscles, but she was not receptive to the idea.

    Give SMRT a Chance to Work

    On Saturday, the second day of class, we began to work on the posterior lower leg. When she got off the table, she was significantly straighter and her pain was down from an 8 to a 2. On Sunday, we finished the posterior lower leg and worked the anterior lower leg. She got up off the table and stood perfectly straight with no pain. She was thrilled!

    SMRT Testimonial

    A couple days after the class, she wrote me this:

    “I cannot tell you how this class changed my life and my practice. I have clients with low back pain that I have been unable to crack the code on and what I felt in my body has me working with them in totally new ways. Thank you so much!!!” Sarah

    Are You Ready to Learn SMRT?

    I would love to teach you to do SMRT work for the lower extremities. Register for one of our next courses.

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