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  • “Sprained Thumb” Follow-up

    Last week I wrote a post about working on a student’s thumb. This is a comment left on Facebook by that student,

    “Any massage practitioner who wants to call themselves a therapist MUST learn SMRT! The thumb Dawn is referring to above is mine. I’ve spent ten months with a series of body workers, but no one had the skills to help me get well. Except Dawn. After waiting months for her to return to Seattle, we spent one hour together and I got my life back! This work is a life-changer and should be the first thing every treatment professional reaches for!!!”

    I agree with Terri, the work is life changing, and I am so, so glad that Terri feels so much better! We will be teaching the work I used on Terri in Watford City, ND, June 14 & 15, and in Witchita, KS November 7 & 8, for more information or to register, please go to https://efullcircle.com/spontaneous-muscle-release-technique-arm-hand/