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  • Students Share their Successes with SMRT

    Recently, quite a few of my students have told me how well SMRT is combining with what they already do. This week, I got a PM on Facebook message from a student saying he had used the shoulder and axilla work on a client and it completely facilitated his myofascial work.

    Last week, I heard from a student who does strictly MLD. She has taken both the shoulder, axilla, ribcage, & upper back course and the hips, lower back, abdomen course. She felt that she was hitting a wall with her MLD, but now, by combining it with SMRT, she is getting better results than she ever has.

    A week or so ago, I had a student in class who has already taken our head and neck course, and our arm and hand course. She uses SMRT with lomi lomi, and says she has never gotten so many referrals. The SMRT has invigorated her practice.

    And yesterday I was working on a student from 15 years ago, who told me a story about working on a huge, muscle bound, weight lifter who said she had the best pressure of anyone he had ever been to. She said, “I didn’t even have to work hard, I just used SMRT to get me in deep.”

    SMRT does not have a strict protocol, nor does it require that you throw out everything you have spent time and money learning. It will facilitate and elevate everything you do while saving your body. For more information, https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/