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  • A Testimonial from Dawn!

    I had the most wonderful experience yesterday.  I have to preface this with two pieces of information – 1) I have had chronic sacral pain for almost 2 years, and 2) I teach a continuing education modality for massage therapists called SMRT.

    I have chronic sacral pain because I have osteoarthritis in the MP joints of my big toes and my gait is chronically off.  It started this time at the beginning of 2012, several months before I had the MP joint of my left big toe fused.  At times it is a 14 on the pain scale, any movement is excruciating.  Those of you who have chronic pain know you spend most moments of every day dealing with it in one way or another.

    While this pain has improved since the surgery, it is still constant.  Yesterday I went for a massage.  I found this fabulous girl at a spa, and she is totally open to learning new things and breaking up her day.  She lets me boss her around and she learns new stuff.  I asked her to my abdomen.  She was nervous, doesn’t do that much.

    I coached her, step by step, in how to do the entire SMRT abdomen workup.  Every step of the way I could feel my sacrum letting go, but it was when we got to psoas that the final piece fell into place.  It isn’t often that I get to feel the work that I teach so fully, and it always reminds me of how powerful and amazing it is.