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What people are saying about SMRT Classes:

Thank you my dear. What a great class that was.I used the new work on one of my regular clients – he’s 80 and is still rock climbing. He is always tight at a wire. He was blown away by the SMRT – said it was the best massage EVER – and he goes to a lot of therapists and gets a lot of massage. I’m finding it very effective and can’t wait to learn more.
~ Dale, August 2017


Absolutely excellent class! I have been to more CE classes than I care to remember. Did not really feel the need to take another one. But this was engaging and informative and useful and having the work done on me showed me things about my body that I had not realized. Loved, loved, loved it!! I will be back!
~ Sherry, August 2017


Hi Dawn. I wanted to tell you how excited I am about the SMRT modality. It is the first CE class I have taken in 12 years that I am interested in pursuing. I took your thigh/leg/foot class in Cromwell a week ago and have already implemented the work with several of my clients, two of my clients got off the table almost in tears because of the change they felt after one session. One client today walked out to the desk, went into a deep squat and proclaimed I haven’t been able to do this in years!
~ Elizabeth, August 2017


I don’t typically like to pass along reviews and such but I thought you might like this one.

We did a trade – I worked on her then she on me. I’d like to state she did a lot of deep breathing to connect the limbic brain with the parasympathetic system. Way more than what a regular client would do but I found it so interesting while I did the work – I felt a deeper/quicker release with her. It was really interesting to experience. Here’s what she had to say about the massage she received.

By far the best massage I’ve ever experience. Mary’s technique is so intuitive, allowing for the muscles to relax and release at such a deep level. This is the first time my tension and structural imbalance in my neck that causes discomfort daily hasn’t returned within 24 hour after my massage (and I’ve been working with a chiropractor to stop my neck pain for 2 years, every week without this much improvement!). I really feel like Mary helped release a lot of old stress, a lot of old injuries, and even a lot of stored up emotion. I feel like brand new! I told Mary where my problem areas were and she helped release all the right muscles to fix them. Even with the lightest of touch, she is able to elicit the deepest release! Go make your appointment right now and let go of all your tension!

I have you to thank for helping me see the body in a different way, a more thorough way. I may not have all the technique in my brain but I’m working on it. I have a friend that is my “demo” while I watch the videos – that seems to be working better for me than the books. AND I have an elderly lady that I’ll write to you about in a different email. Amazing results and comments from her!!
~ Mary, June 2017


Hey Dawn wanted to send you a thanks from my client with the foot cramps… I did some work with his stomach muscles, worked with the pubic bone illiums and small work with the tibia and fibula… he was so excited … he wanted me to send you a thanks as he praised me.. Also did some neck and jaw work on a client that had to do mashed potatoes for breakfast her jaw would not open( And I have not even watched your head neck videos yet ) after her session she was so excited she was going to eat a sandwich !! I have enjoy incorporating you ideas and knowledge into my work.
~ Gab, Columbia, SC, March 2017


I was very skeptical when I first came to class. Now I plan on taking all of your classes and would like to become a teaching assistant in the future. I have already put the SMRT into my massage work and it just elevates everything I have been doing for years. One of the best moments for me was when you explained my hip pain was coming from my thigh. When you worked on my thigh my whole body found a new place to be and my pain has been a lot less ever since. I want to know everything right now!! Soon, I will see you very soon, and thank you so much!
~ Jenny, Columbia, SC, March 2017


You will love this class!! I live in an area where the nearest SMRT therapist is an hour or more away, and I travel to see them whenever I can. This weekend I was not able to travel due to time constraints. I needed a SMRT massage after cleaning/painting a rental that was left in bad shape, + see my clients during the day! So I scheduled a massage w/ a local therapist who is great, yet I knew some of my LB & arm issues would need SMRT. She was open to my teaching her a few moves so that I could receive the relief I was needing. My SI joint hurt on the right but tilted posteriorly (rotated) on the left. So I had her gently press on the right and w/in a minute it released and OMG if felt so good. My therapist was amazed at how easy it was. I also had her use SMRT to release the lumbar, vastus lateralis, my medial brachia, deltoid, and anconeus. She was thrilled at the change in tissue in such a short time and w/out having to lean in deeply anywhere! We talked a bit about the difference about “deep pressure” vs. true “deep tissue”. Using SMRT you will lengthen the time you will be able to work as a massage therapist alleviating the burn out so many in this field get. Thank you to my therapist today for her willingness to learn new moves today, SMRT is the way to go!! Oh yah, the fascial patterns from the work we did also released my shoulders & neck!! She did not even touch my neck today!! LOVE THIS WORK
~ Kriz, February 2017


Wow, I just finished working on a client who I have been getting little to no change on for most of a year. I was so afraid of the abdomen! I barely touched it on any client before, and his pain was all in his back. After the SMRT class I asked him if I could work on his abdomen, he said yes, I did all SMRT!! He came back today and hasn’t had back pain since I did it!!! Wow, just wow!
~ Becky, Participant, Pittsburgh, PA, December 2016


I have taught in a massage school for years. I go to continuing ed classes and I try really hard not to judge the teacher, but you know….it is difficult, and I find them lacking many times. This was amazing. You truly are a gifted instructor.
~ Gabrielle, Participant, Kalamazoo, MI, October 2016


This was the best class I have taken in my 20 years of practicing. I don’t know what I expected, but wow, just wow.
~ Marie, Participant Kalamazoo, MI, October, 2016


I thought what you were teaching was pretty simple until you did that move to release the lats, now I understand how detailed this work could be, so I’m buying all the dvd’s.
~ Tim, Participant Raleigh, NC, September, 2016


It felt like my lower back was dancing as she was working on me. I’ve never felt anything like it. I feel better than I have in a long time.(this was followed by the rest of the class exclaiming that she looked completely different too)
~ JJ, Participant Salt Lake City, UT, June, 2016


I am already applying the work in sessions. Thank you so much for the class! I applied what I learned already today and it made all the difference! I can’t wait to see you again!
~ Monica, Participant Omaha, NE, May, 2016


Good morning.. I wanted to say how much I appreciate you- I took your class in Marble Falls. I now have a client with chin to chest that literally can’t hold her head up (she has Alzheimer’s and she’s had a facelift) so she is my target client. I got you head/neck- arm hand videos also. But here is the appreciation when you had me on the table and said what you did about my trachea and jaw- I NOW SEE THIS in my client it’s fascinating. OMG I never thought I would be able to see what you were telling me. Thank you again.
~ Joy, Participant Marble Falls, TX, March, 2016


Dawn, I performed the bladder training technique on a 97 year old female with constant incontinence. She called today to schedule once a week because she got so much relief!
~ Leanna, February 2016


Warmth and friendliness of the instructors made for a comfortable learning environment. Well presented and excellent technique.
~ Participant, Battle Creek, MI, August 15, 2014, Hips and Sacrum Class ~


The technique is very different to everything I have done before, it is easy on your body and very effective.
~ Participant, Battle Creek, MI, August 15, 2014, Hips and Sacrum Class ~


I liked everything about the class. Dawn and Patty were awesome. The technique is awesome and the easy-going vibe and nurturing environment made the class a great experience.
~ Participant, Boulder, CO, October 2014, Thigh and Knee Course ~


I love that SMRT uses an entirely different part of my brain. It is unlike any CEU class I have taken. It will increase my longevity in this field — SMRT is effective with less stress and strain on my body.
~ Participant, Boulder, CO, October 2014, Thigh and Knee Course ~


What I liked best about the class were the instructors, the material, my classmates, the excellent environment. It was life changing.
~ Participant, Boulder, CO, October 2014, Thigh and Knee Course ~


What I like best is that it works! I can’t wait to start working with my clients.
~ Participant, September 5, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


Immediately relevant to my practice; fabulous teaching & feedback.
~ Participant, September 5, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


Lot’s of hands on; lots of feedback from instructors; able to be feel improvements immediately on my own body.
~ Participant, July 20, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


Wonderful explanations and examples of the techniques — the instructor addressed every question anyone had — super hands-on help and examples while students worked on each other.
~ Participant, July 20, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


What I liked best about the course was getting out of my comfort zone and learning things in a new but comprehensive way. Also Dawn and Patty were fun and knowledgeable which made the intense days that much better. It was a good refresh of anatomy and kinesiology too.
~ Participant, July 20, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


What I liked best about the class was how easy it was to transition to and freom lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. This would have been difficult for me if Dawn and Patty has not been so marvelous with their terminology and explanation through lecture and questions. I will be using this technique daily. Thank you!
~ Participant, July 20, 2014, Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back Course ~


Well-paced, adequate supervision of techniques, instructional materials readily understandable.
~ Participant, Tampa, FL December 5, 2014, Hips and Sacrum Course ~


I liked the great pictures and written manual to assist with the verbal presentation. Also the precise verbal presentation of the anatomy and demonstrations of SMRT.
~ Participant, November 8, 2014, Shoulder & Axilla Course ~


I have learned a lot of massage modalities and SMRT is hands down the most incredible technique in the bodywork market for getting the relief and change your body needs in a very noticeable and effective time frame. Dawn was my teacher and she is not only very professional and knowledgeable but she is also a very gifted healer!
~ Jennifer Frey ~


One of my objectives in a training is to receive enough of the work to know how much I can use it in my practice and also to know what the benefits of the work are.  This means I need to actually receive treatment on my body.  There is ample time to receive the work to help heal my body.
~Participant, Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class~


I like the size of the class making it easy to ask questions. It was also great to have an assistant. Working on multiple students helps identify different body types. Great work to incorporate with what I already do.
~Participant, Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class~


Small class size; Good students; Dawn was organized — loves her work; Also she allows time to work with you — She has the ability to adjust to help each of us; After the class she is there to support us and will allow us to email her and will help you.
~Participant, Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class~


I liked being able to work on each other — made me  be able to understand the benefits, affects, and how to do things better.  Liked how if I didn’t understand something my questions were answered right away and in great detail.
~Participant, Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class~


There isn’t anything I didn’t like.  The class was well paced; the content was well organized; the instructor gave the foundational anatomical information before doing the bodywork so that the students had a greater understanding of what we are affecting; we had plenty of time on the table to gain hands-on experience; lectures were accompanied with stories that demonstrate how much change can occur.  I absolutely loved this class!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about.  And best of all, everything I learned is something I can apply immediately.  Thanks!  Also it was great having two instructors; this offers more one-on-one time for any questions students may have during the table time.  Thanks, Patti!
~Participant, Seattle, WA October 11-13, 2013 Hips, Abdomen and Lower Back Class~


What people are saying about Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT):

I really love SMRT. now I know why those who take the class call it SMART, Spontaneous Muscle Awesome Release Technique. I have been having tremendous results with it. I have applied the light compression to the ribs and scapula and have been getting amazing releases all the way up the back with so much less effort and time. I am also applying some similar moves of the arm to the leg to release the Quads. Amazing. It is a body saver for me and has transformed the way I work.
~Conference Participant 8/24/2013~


My 15 minute SMRT session with Dawn Lewis resulted in decreased pain and increased flexibility. Thank you Dawn!
~Karen 9/14/2013~


Always amazed with SMRT light touch treatment and immediate results. Dawn’s knowledge and explanations help me understand what is causing pain and offer simple things I can do to strengthen my muscles and correct my body for pain management.
~Donnell 9/14/2013~


Today I gave 15 minutes of my time receiving SMRT. First I thought “oh, yay, a massage”, well granted the massage was great, but I can’t help but rant and rave about how free and released my lower back and hips feel! It’s been almost 5 years I’ve been dealing with pain from my pregnancy and birth. I currently have no pain and feel tension free.
~Cassandra 9/14/2013~


Very comfortable, easing modality. Didn’t realize I was hurting till I wasn’t.
~Andie 9/14/2013~


I have been meaning to follow up with you about the SMRT work and how it has worked with my post breast cancer and lymphedema clients. It has had an overwhelming positive effect on their ROM, comfort levels and feeling of less tightness throughout the shoulders and chest. I even worked on a PT who had breast cancer and she was very impressed!! So keep up the great work in introducing this technique to many more. I hope to follow it up in the future with your other courses for hip, pelvis, legs and back. I am sure that would be beneficial as well.


Massage therapy, and specifically SMRT changed my life. I was fed up with doctors, drugs and treatments that didn’t work, and I was depressed by the limited mobility my back trouble was causing. But with every massage, I felt the improvement, and today, I have no pain and can do the activities I love! SMRT is unlike any I’ve ever experienced! It is such a gentle and painless way to release serious muscle problems, and the results last so much longer! It absolutely changed my life, and I will always be grateful for the healing of Dawn’s work.
~Katherine Camper~


I have been receiving regular body work using SMART for the past 10 years. I was introduced to the work after a horse accident which broke my scapula and radius. After two sessions on my arm I had full range of motion which surprised the chiropractor who was not sure if I would ever get full range of motion back. Since that accident I have had a few more injuries to a knee, ankle, ribs, sacrum all of which I have had speedy and full recovery from due to the SMART work that I have been receiving. Thanks to SMART I am still riding horses, skiing, hiking and enjoying a very active lifestyle.
~Glenda Knight~


Dawn offers a great deal more than a typical massage. She addresses serious medical concerns with her unique techniques. In addition to routine concerns, Dawn has cared for me following four major surgeries. She helps my body heal faster. Recovering from back surgery, I have chronic drop toe that throws my body out of alignment. I see Dawn regularly, and she corrects problems with my hips and back. I continue to be active playing tennis and golf thanks to Dawn’s efforts.


I have been a client of Dawn’s for nearly 20 years. That alone should make it obvious that her massages are worth coming back for over and over. Dawn has a complete understanding of Anatomy and Physiology that allows her to get to the source of problems in my body. So often I have come in complaining of pain in one area to have her work somewhere else and resolve the initial complaint. Dawn’s “tableside manner” is kind and compassionate; she supports whole people…body, mind and spirit. Dawn’s massages are also great for stress relief and to help restore depleted energy. The techniques she uses are different from any others I have experienced and so much more effective!


Dawn Lewis is a miracle worker! I have been a client of hers for three years and have seen my health blossom from the SMART technique and therapeutic massage. Dawn is committed to educating her clients and providing them with everyday tools that can improve their lives. The wisdom and depth of knowledge that she shares is invaluable. I’m so delighted it will be available through her website. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to heal and to grow!
~Rhonda Jackson~


After a bad car accident and two fusion surgeries, I tried every alternative and medical treatment available to me. SMRT was the only treatment I could handle. Thank God it works so well. I haven’t had to use my wheelchair in almost a year and I’m able to garden and work around my house almost as well as I used to.
~Donna Babcock~


When I moved away from CO, and couldn’t get SMRT, my tendonitis got so bad that I was out of work for a year. I moved back, and SMRT had me back to work in weeks.


I’ve been a therapist for ten years and have over 2000 hours of training. This is the best course I have ever taken. It has enhanced my work beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
~Wendy Wight~


In the 14 years I have been doing bodywork, and out of the multitude of classes I have taken and techniques I have been trained in, SMRT is above all the one that changed the way I do bodywork. It is the technique that I use in every massage. I work on a lot of bodyworkers and they are always asking me “how did you do that?” And SMRT is the answer. I began to learn what SMRT was capable of when I went to Dawn as a client. I found greater range of motion in my neck and shoulder. I hadn’t been able to find relief with other therapies. The pain that no other therapist seemed to be able to get at just eased and released. It was amazing!
~Kris Layman~


SMRT makes my job so much easier. It makes my massage more effective while saving my hands. I have only been able to learn certain areas, however, and I am totally looking forward to these DVD’s so that I can learn all of it.
~Tammy Mendonca~


If you want a massage that will truly heal and help to transform your physical experience, I highly recommend Dawn Lewis. Dawn’s SMRT technique allows her to go very deep without creating pain. I have had massages with other therapists who went deep, but the pain was so intense I left the table feeling tighter than when I arrived. Dawn’s technique, knowledge of the human form and its optimal function, combined with her intuitive gift of awareness makes a session with her deeply healing and transformational.