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The History of Full Circle School

History of Full Circle School

I (Dawn Lewis) originally incorporated Full Circle School in May, 1997 and became Colorado DPOS approved as a massage school in July, 1997. It was a very exciting time! I signed a lease in Edwards, CO and wrote the curriculum that we would teach for the next 10 years. Our main program was a 500-hour Massage Therapy Program.

The curriculum for this program was science based yet included discussions of how intuition fits into massage therapy. SMRT, Spontaneous Muscle release Technique, was taught as the third level massage class in this program, as it is in our current 600-hour Massage Therapy Program.

SMRT is based on scientific principles, engages the proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors, and is taught by following kinesiology. SMRT makes Full Circle School’s massage therapy training unique and takes our students basic training beyond basic massage.

How do we know this? Because we taught this curriculum for 10 years. After closing Full Circle School in 2007 for personal reasons, I reincorporated in 2009 and began to teach SMRT across the United States as continuing education.

Since 2009, we have taught SMRT to over 5000 working massage therapists. They tell me weekly through email, facebook, and phone calls that SMRT has changed and elevated their practices, enhanced their knowledge of the human body, and increased their clientele.

Full Circle School again became approved by the Colorado DPOS to teach a basic Massage Therapy Program, this time a 600-hour program, in January, 2019. Full Circle’s original curriculum has grown with our knowledge of the massage profession, current research, and almost three decades of changing people’s lives for the better.



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