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    What happened in SMRT class in Pittsburgh? So much!!

    First, we had a therapist in class who had a thyroidectomy. The scar tissue in the front of her neck was pulling her chin and trachea inferior and posterior. On Saturday, we did SMRT for the anterior neck and I did some extra work on her chest and upper abdomen. When she got off the table, she had a chin again! Apparently it had been 14 years since her chin been as high and forward. Her entire face looked different. It was amazing!!


    We had another therapist who gets vertigo every time she sat up from getting worked on. The first time, I noticed her sitting on the table having an issue from across the room, went over, and put my fist into her sacrum, moving her sacrum into the anterior tilt it was already sitting in. Instantly her vertigo eased. Why? I can only speculate. Many of the official medical causes for vertigo are about the inner ear. We, however, have had success with vertigo fairly often by working on the sacrum. I think it has to do where the dural tube attaches (the anterior aspect of S2 and inside the vertebral foramen at C2 and C3) and the prevertebral fascia attachments on the cervical vertebrae and the occiput. What we do know is that SMRT sacrum work has been shown to help and, at times, get rid of vertigo.

    Rib Work

    Finally, we were doing tandem work on the upper arm. There was a therapist on the table whose back around T9 and T10 went into spasm every time she was worked on. The two therapists working on her had been in our SMRT shoulder class in Pittsburgh last year. I did something with her ribs to alleviate her back spasm then felt the sternal rib heads. Where the fourth rib head should have been, there was a hole. I pointed it out to her partners and left the table. When I went back a few minutes later, her fourth rib was in a neutral position and we could feel the sternal head. She asked one of the other therapists for a card so she could make an appointment for more rib work!

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