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The staff at Full Circle travels continuously all year.  So, in 2017 I decided to buy a mini travel agency in the hopes of getting travel discounts.  My first experience was with a hotel in Tucson where I saved $550 on my 4-night stay!

full circle travelAlthough this is not always the case, My Vortex gives me savings or upgrades a high percentage of the time.  Many times, for a live class, Full Circle makes an arrangement with the hotel the class is taught at for a lower sleeping room rate.  

My Vortex may have those same rooms at an even lower rate.  Sometimes we are not teaching in a hotel conference room and we do not have an arrangement with a hotel, My Vortex is absolutely a benefit in these instances.

Things to know:

full circle travel

You can book hotels, flights, and car rentals (as well as cruises and weekly vacations) at My Vortex.

I have found that most bookings through My Vortex will need to be prepaid.

My Vortex will send you a My Vortex confirmation for your booking.  The confirmation from the airline, hotel, or car rental agency can take up to a week to receive.

On each account only 2 travelers can be listed.

What to do to book your travel:

Click here.

Signup to get your login ID and password.

Book your travel.

What to do if you have any issues:

To get immediate assistance, call the reservations hotline at 858-999-8206.

If this does not resolve the issue, call Dawn at 720-412-1240 or email me.

Start saving now – book your travel today!