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  • Treating Carpal Tunnel Webinar

    Last night I woke up as 4 a.m., as I do most nights. I was on my right side and my hand was asleep. In my half-conscious state I evaluated my hand. I felt that it was the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger that were numb. My brain told me that these were carpal tunnel symptoms and meant an impingement on the median nerve. Still mostly asleep, I evaluated my wrist. My wrist was straight. I pulled my shoulder down out of my ear. The numbness began to subside immediately. My elbow was in full flexion. I relaxed the position and brought my forearm toward extension a couple of inches. The numbness went away completely and I went back to sleep. The median nerve can be impinged upon in numerous areas, including the carpal tunnel, the forearm, the elbow, and the medial upper arm.

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