Tuition and Payment Plans

You may choose to pay Full Circle School the full amount of tuition plus supplies, insurance,
test, and license fees or you may choose to pay Full Circle School only the $7500 tuition and
purchase all supplies separately, as well as paying separately for your insurance, test, and
license separately.

Tuition Payment Plan

Upon acceptance into Full Circle School’s 600-hour Massage Therapy
Program a $2400 deposit will be due. Monthly payments between $425 (if you are paying
only the $7500 tuition to Full Circle School) and $557.08 (depending on the table and supplies
you choose) will be due on the 8th of each month beginning with the month in which the
program starts and ending at month 12 (i.e. if the program starts January 8th, your first
payment will be due January 8th and your last payment will be due December 8th. You will
graduate within 2 weeks of your last payment.

A reminder of what the tuition and fees are:

600-hour massage therapy program tuition,
fees, and other costs:

Tuition – $7500
Registration fee – $40
Books – $250
Massage table – $350 – $750
Student liability insurance – free
Supplies (sheets, oil, etc) – $150
MBLEx test fee – $195
Colorado licensing costs – $200

Total = $8685 to $9085

You may pay a higher deposit and lower monthly payments or you may pay your monthly payments quarterly or early.  However, you cannot pay less than a $2400 deposit, nor can payments be late and attendance continued.

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