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  • Unable to Urinate

    Recently I was contacted by a woman on the east coast whose one and a half year old nephew had kidney surgery 3 weeks ago.  Apparently he is now unable to urinate.  The doctors tell his parents that his kidneys are working perfectly, the problem is with the bladder.

    It is a common problem after the surgery.  According to the doctors this issue is caused by anesthetic.  I have worked on this multiple times and have coached husbands, wives, daughters, sons, and now grandparents in how to re-create communication between the pelvic floor tissues (specifically levator ani muscle, the perineal membrane, and the superficial transverse perineal muscle), the bladder sphincters (i.e., the internal sphincter, which is a continuation of the detrusor, and the external sphincter of the urethra), and the pudendal nerve.

    I have seen SMRT work miracles in helping to engage the mechanoreceptors in the area and re-create this crucial communication.  The treatment protocol for restoring bladder function after surgery is included in four of our videos – SMRT: Hips, Lower Back, & Abdomen and the three videos that are excerpted from it: SMRT: Abdomen, SMRT: Hips & Sacrum, and SMRT: Lower Back.