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  • Using SMRT on the Ribcage

    I recently worked with a prenatal client who is 38 weeks along. She asked for work on her lower back and neck, but when I began palpating her back I found the most tension in her mid-back from about T6-T9. After checking movement in her thoracic ribs, I found that on the L. side there was no anterior/posterior movement of the ribcage and no inferior movement with very little superior movement. On the R. side I found that the ribcage would move anterior but not posterior and inferior with no movement superior. After applying SMRT to these areas I had both sides moving in all four directions effortlessly with ease within the first 10 minutes of our session.

    Using SMRT on the Ribcage

    I then went in to palpate the ribs individually and found on the L. side anterior ribs just inferior to the breast tissue were compressed with rib 7 rotated under rib 8, pushing rib 8 anterior and causing a facial twist in the superficial tissues of that location. So I applied SMRT and the tissue gracefully unwind lateral and superior, freeing up the entire axilla! I went back to palpate the mid-back and the tension just melted away. My client said she is always trying to get that part of her back to “pop” and said the work I was doing felt “so good”. After her session she said she no longer felt like it needed to “pop” and she could breath easier. During the session she kept saying, “I’ve never had anyone work on my ribs before.” This got my attention because with SMRT being my specialty, I work on people’s ribs all the time. I thought, “Wow she is right, MT”s rarely work the ribs, especially not like this!” Sometimes I forget how different this technique is to other modalities.

    So after freeing up those areas of her body, I worked inferior into the hips and legs and then superior up the neck, shoulders and arms. Freeing up the tension in those problem areas of the anterior and posterior ribs allowed her body to unwind and relax from head to toes. If I had only focused on her lower back and neck I would not have found the dysfunction and her relief would have only been temporary.

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