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  • Weak Knee Week

    This week seems to be knee week.

    I have one client who has had her left ACL replaced twice. Her ACL appears to have stretched again and she is choosing to not undergo surgery again, but is coupling massage with a personal trainer to maintain functional biomechanics while building the muscle strength in her left leg.

    Another client, fell on both of her knees, last year while on vacation in Jamaica.  Her knees are feeling better than before the fall, which she attributes to the SMRT knee work, so she likes to revisit them periodically.

    Yet another client, has knee pain and swelling in his knee from a brace he wears because he has foot drop.  SMRT Massage alleviates his knee pain and swelling.

    I love to work on knees, and the Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) work for knees is wonderful.  It not only releases the muscles and connective tissues of the knee, it also mobilizes the femur and tibia, and creates space in the joint.  For more information on Full Circle’s SMRT Knee Work, please go to https://efullcircle.com/spontaneous-muscle-release-technique-thighs-knees/