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  • Whiplash and Neck Pain

    A client I have not seen for a couple of months came in last week. He has taken up Jiu Jitsu and had pain all over his body, but his main complaint was a shooting pain at the base of his skull on the left that was sending numbness and tingling down the left side of his neck.

    Initial palpation told me that his atlantooccipital (AO) joint was not aligned. In other words, his head was on crooked. I worked on his neck and head for 30 minutes before moving to his back. When I left his neck, the AO felt balanced, the musculature in his neck was fluid and pliable, and his neck had mobility. At the end of his session, after he had dressed and come out of the massage room, I asked him how his pain was. He said he had no pain.

    This week he returned and he had not experienced the pain or the numbness and tingling since our session last week, which I was thrilled with. This result is one of the reasons I teach SMRT. Our first class of 2015 was an SMRT: Head & Neck class taught the beginning of February. Two days after the class, I received this email:

    “Dawn, just had to forward an email I received this weekend, from a lady I did head and neck SMRT on for two hours on Thursday.  Sheri suffered whiplash two weeks ago when she got stuck under a semi traveling 60 mph. It was awesome to feel her neck go from rock hard to soft and supple, and for the first time I wasn’t scared of working on a whiplash case!  Thanks so much for expanding my knowledge of the neck, and helping Sheri get free from pain.  Angela”

    And this was the forwarded email from her client:

    “Hey I slept awesome the last two nights!! So, SO grateful to you! Cause I was seriously starting to lose my sanity ;/ First time I slept well in two weeks. Such a gift!! Thanks a million again!! Could you do another one on Monday or Tuesday? Sheri”

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