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  • Why you should learn SMRT

    Here are the reasons why you will want to purchase an NCBTMB-approved continuing education DVD, digital download, or 60-day rental on Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT):

    1.  You can access the course immediately through download or rental
    2.  You’ll get your CE’s as quickly as you need them
    3.  SMRT gives you the tools to highly effective massage…
    4.   …without hurting you or the client
    5.  You can easily integrate SMRT with what you do now
    6.  The video allows you to go at your own pace
    7.  And, as Jennifer said, “This is a great course! About the best I have taken online or through video. I’ve been using it already and my clients really like it, plus I don’t have to fight to get where I know I need to be. Great course!” ~SMRT: Head & Neck, with SMRT Cranial Sacral on DVD, November, 2013

    Buy now, prices range from $25 to $260, CE’s range from 4 to 24, visit the Store for more info.