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  • Work SMaRTer on Piriformis!

    Have you ever had a client with a thick, tight piriformis? Maybe you used your forearms, elbows, thumbs, and worked like crazy to get the tone to come down. But, when you went back to piriformis, it was hypertonic again. Has this ever happened to you?

    One of the main reasons piriformis gets, and remains, tight is that the second through fourth sacral vertebrae are compressed. This compresses the fibers of piriformis’ origin, and creates hypertonicity in the muscle. Unlocking the sacrum can be done quickly and easily.

    I have a client that I have been seeing for almost 20 years. When he first came to me, he was convinced that a girl like me would never have enough pressure for him. He had fairly severe piriformis syndrome or psuedo-sciatica and had been getting massage for several years with limited results. Needless to say, my pressure was fine, but it was the Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique or SMRT that really took our first session over the top. I unlocked his sacrum, released both piriformis muscles, as well as the rest of the hip tissue in both hips and bilateral hamstrings.

    One session, that is all it took with SMRT to get rid of his piriformis syndrome, and I had a client for life. He came back every week and had me do the same massage for six months, just to be sure it would stay gone.

    It came back – 15 years later after his second hip replacement. It took us one session to fully release piriformis and it was gone again. Work SMaRTer on piriformis! Get better results for the client in a way that is easier on your body. Join us in Winter Park, FL to learn this and much more.