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  • Working SMRT on the Hips

    Working SMRT on the Hips

    Wednesday I did one of the last massage sessions for 2017. One of the men I saw that day has had 4 surgeries on his right hip. The initial was a full hip replacement, which has been fully redone twice, including this latest surgery, done 6 weeks ago. The surgeon opened his femur and took out the existing prosthetic. Then replaced it and used cables to close the bone.

    Needless to say, he has limited ROM at his right hip. He notices this most in hip flexion. At the beginning of the session, he lifted his leg into hip flexion to show me the restriction. He was only able to flex his hip to 45 degrees. And, at 45 degrees, he felt quite a bit of tension and “pulling” in the distal fibers of rectus femoris.

    SMRT Eliminates Inflammation

    After he got on the table, I began by using SMRT to alleviate the inflammation in his thigh. SMRT does this quickly and painlessly. Within 10 minutes, there was very little inflammation left. This allowed me to work the tissue in other ways (now, don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about anything deep, which would not be appropriate for him). I was able to feel the deeper restriction in the connective tissues and muscles. Using very small SMRT positioning, I worked methodically, moving from the tissues in his thigh to his patella to his lower leg.

    When the session was finished and he was dressed, I asked him to lift his leg again. He moved into hip flexion. He was able to flex beyond 90 degrees without pain or pulling in his thigh. It was a fantastic result, he was thrilled, and it was all done without causing him any pain.

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