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SMRT Hips Lower Back & Abdomen Exam

SMRT Hips, Lower Back & Abdomen Exam

You may take the Exam whenever you are ready. You may want to print a copy of the questions and complete the test on paper before entering it online. Your test will be scored when you press SUBMIT at the end of the exam. A percentage of 70% is required to qualify for continuing education credit. You may retake the test if necessary. Good Luck!

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1. What does SMRT stand for?*
2. To release gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, you need to move the leg into*
3. Piriformis can be released in several ways, but you will be unable to release piriformis if*
4. To release the diaphragm, you need to*
5. All of the deep 6 lateral hip rotators do lateral rotation, but obturator externus also does*
6. After releasing the position, you should*
7. To release gluteus maximus your action hand should be on the*
8. To release compression in the vertebrae*
9. Serratus posterior interior has digitations that insert on ribs*
10. Femur head position*
11. To release the lumbar erector muscles you will use the arm and*
12. Upper fibers of rectus abdominis are released by*
13. Lower fibers of rectus abdominis are released by*
14. To release gluteus medius and gluteus minimus you must first*
15. Muscles with attachments on ribs 9 through 12 include*
16. Strokes on the lower abdomen that move from the pubis toward the navel can help*
17. The fascia Patti is working on includes the*
18. To release the sacrococcygeal joint, you want to put your thumb over the joint and*
19. To find the pubic bone you want to begin with your hand directly under the navel and*
20. One way to release quadratus lumborum is to use the*
21. With the client prone, move his or her leg into abduction and compress enough to move the hip toward the ribcage. This will release*
22. To release vertebral ligaments*
23. Picking up the leg, with the client in a prone position, and lifting the thigh off the table into hip extension is a stretch for*
24. To release iliacus you will*
25. In this video, the release for tensor fasciae latae is done with the client*
26. To target an adhesion between gluteus medius and piriformis, you need to control the*
27.To target obturator internus, create lateral rotation from the greater trochanter and*
28. To release the sacrospinous ligament you will*
29. The move for piriformis is more about the ____________, while the move for gluteus medius is more about the _________________.*
30. If you find that a S1 is posterior on the right and anterior on the left, you want to*
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