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SMRT Laterally Recumbent & Pregnancy Exam

SMRT Laterally Recumbent & Pregnancy Massage

You may take the Exam whenever you are ready. You may want to print a copy of the questions and complete the test on paper before entering it online. Your test will be scored when you press SUBMIT at the end of the exam. A percentage of 70% is required to qualify for continuing education credit. You may retake the test if necessary. Good Luck!

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1. What does SMRT stand for?*
2. Working on a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy is safe as long as you do not do*
3. Laterally recumbent work is used*
4. While the client is in a laterally recumbent position, you can work*
5. To release tension in the client's axilla you should*
6. If a pregnant woman's ankles are chronically swollen, you should*
7. SMRT is done by*
8. After pregnancy some women are left with scarring in the pelvic floor muscles, you should*
9. Laterally recumbent positioning is a wonderful way to*
10. To release the deep 6 lateral hip rotators, you should*
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