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  • A Mean Headache

    A Mean Headache

    A client this week presented with “a mean headache”. She said that it began in the suboccipital area, and traveled up the back of her head. It landed at her right temple. Her right eye hurt, and she said, “her jaw felt weak” and she had an uncontrollable urge to swallow.

    Palpation told me that she had several things happening. Her occiput was shifted to the right, her sphenoid was shifted to the left, her mandible was shifted to the left at the mandibular condyles and to the right at the body, her maxillas were shifted to the right, her hyoid bone was shifted to the right, and her cricoid cartilage was shifted to the left.

    Head and Neck

    As I worked her head and neck, she commented on what she was feeling. “Wow, that really changes the pain and my jaw suddenly feels stronger”, she said. “You are hardly doing anything but my throat is lengthening and I have no headache! Thank the lord!” “My teeth have more contact, but not in a bad way, almost like they were too far apart before” “My vision just cleared” “How can such small movements do so many things”

    The last thing I did was to work on her elbow. Many therapists do not understand the possible relationship between ROM at the elbow, neck mobility, and AO balance. This work elicited, “I totally forgot to tell you, but I have had tennis elbow for years, what you’re doing feels really good.”

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